A Unique Accelerator

For our autumn 2022-accelerator, we have selected six prioritized social areas and gathered the best expertise in the Nordics to help the entrepreneurs succeed and create impact at scale.

Ten companies who work with either exclusion, public health, handicap & rehab, education, mental health or dignified aging join our Nordic Social Impact Accelerator this August. 

Our focus is identifying, measuring and managing impact, and tying that closely to a scalable and profitable business model.

The startups work shoulder to shoulder with their business developers during the program’s three camps, weekly on one-on-one basis and through our four deep dives into specific topics. They also benefit from sharing experiences across sectors and borders, and with our alumni companies. 

What makes the Social Impact Accelerator unique? 

  • Expert coaching on optimal and sustainable business models for social impact companies.
  • Advise and establishment of social impact measurement, strategies, KPI’s and reporting standards.
  • Making social impact startups investable and fundable.
  • Valuable expertise on financing that best suits social impact companies such as hybrid financing, outcomes contracts and social loans.
  • Strategies and support for collaboration with and selling to the public sector.
  • Strategy development for national or Nordic scaling of social impact startups

The Nordic accelerator is our contribution to make sure social impact startups succeed in creating real impact- at scale. Click here to read why we need to invest in a green, fair, prosperous and healthy future.

Who are we?

Impact StartUp Nordic is a collaboration between three partners:

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (FSE), Norway

FSE is a Nordic social impact investment pioneer with a highly experienced impact investment team. They have an extensive network of social impact investors and large philanthropic foundations, and are experts in social impact business development.

Prosper, Sweden

Prosper is a leading impact investment consultancy with extensive experience with the public sector. They have a large network of social impact investors and Jenny Carenco, Prosper’s Founder, is the initiator of The Swedish National Advisory Board for Impact Investing. Prosper’s team are experts in impact business models, impact management and impact investing.

The Social Capital Fund (SKF), Denmark

SKF is the first social impact investment fund in the Nordics managing external capital. They are highly experienced in public sector sales and collaboration, and have an extensive network of impact investors. Their team has extensive experience in public procurement.