This is the 10 social impact startups!

This fall, 10 social impact startups will attend our Nordic accelerator program! Our goal is to make them sustainable, investable and scalable. The companies will exchange experiences, build networks and share an important part of the startup journey together.

Meet the rising stars that will lead the way to better social inclusion, health and welfare! 

Here are the inspiring social impact startups that join our Nordic accelerator this fall:

Pletly – Inclusion comes in many shapes and forms, but being understood is crucial! Pletly works to strengthen the voice of those who can not communicate verbally.

TwoAct – TwoAct provides important tools for ensuring children's mental wellbeing in school. The digital solution enables students, parents and teachers to work together as a team to help pupils complete their schooling.

KLAR Kompetanse – The KLAR app teaches multilinguals the professional language they need in order to master school or work - in a simple, clear and innovative way.

Blume – Blume helps people and culture teams with prevention and treatment of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress. 

Lifesify – With motivational design, AI and gamification, Lifesify provides a digital knowledge and training platform that improves students’ attendance, goal achievement and well-being. 

MedLytic Medlydics invites healthcare personnel to contribute knowledge and experience in the development of innovative tools and services. This enables better care, products and services for vulnerable patients.

LifeBoard – No rescuer should drown trying to rescue. LifeBoard designs the new generation of public lifesaving equipment -  because no one should drown.

DentaApps – Weak dental health can cause a lot of other health problems. DentaApp aims to become the public sector's interaction and competence platform for oral health, to secure more wholesome health services. 

Digna AS Digna ease integrations for immigrants through making public information available with cultural translation.

Woof Technologies One of the most important factors for success is the belief in one's own success both individually and as a team. With WOOF, you can discover what makes your class unique, manage factors of wellbeing and cultivate your classroom community. All of this to make more students achieve their goals!