about us

About us

We are four organizations with a passion for impact business.


Impact Startup was created in Denmark where Den Sociale Kapitalfond started the first accelerator program in 2014. Norwegian Ferd Social Entrepeneurs took the concept home in 2018 and in 2019 Swedish Prosper and Finnish ARVO joined the collective making it a Nordic project.

All four organizations have a passion for helping businesses change the world.
We believe that impact startups play a vital role in solving our most urgent challenges – that’s why we want to help them grow and maximize their impact. 

Additional funding for Impact StartUp Nordic has been provided by Nordic Innovation.


Our Nordic project's main partner in 2020 has been Nordic Innovation. Working under the Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Innovation aims to make the Nordics a pioneering region for sustainable growth and works to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in Nordic business. More information on their work and goals can be found from nordicinnovation.org.