investor lab

We give investors and philanthropists the knowledge, tools, network and pipeline needed to engage with the most promising  early stage impact startups.

Who can be part of the InvestorLab?

InvestorLab is open for all investors and philanthropists that want to invest in or fund early stage impact companies and organizations. Are you a venture capital fund, business angel, private equity fund, family office, foundation or in corporate development? InvestorLab is for you.

What does InvestorLab offer?

Impact StartUp InvestorLab is a knowledge center and network for investors already active in or exploring the impact investment space. By joining our network you will get:

  • Actionable definition and criteria for impact investments
  • Classification tool for impact companies
  • Online tutorials, templates and tools for impact due diligence, risk assessment, measurement and management of impact
  • Database of impact companies seeking funding, complete with impact goal and expected measurable outcome
  • Live webinars and a library of previous impact webinars recordings from leading experts
  • Invitations to networking events, pitch events and Impact Startup Demo Day.