What is impact?

Impact delivers a measurable, positive, significant net effect on a prioritized problem for underserved target groups or the environment. Impact is driven by intent and lasts  over a relevant period of time.

What is impact?

Impact is  measurable, positive net effects on a prioritised problem for society, planet and people that arise with intention and that have significant and sufficient scale, depth and duration. It is not number of people that are using something, number of families enrolled or number of products sold. It is reduced number of unemployed people in the target group, increased disposable income significant enough to improve the target group's life chances, reduced CO2 emissions or kilos of plastic use avoided. Can all impact be measured? No. But we can find good indicators that have a clear link to the impact we are seeking. As an example, increased physical activity levels is probably a good indicator for reduced risk of cardiovascular decease, number of girls in school is probably a good indicator for increased equality and improved life chances.

What is the impact economy?

The prevailing economic paradigm is that investors, companies and customers seek economic and individual benefits. But this is changing. And luckily so. More and more, we seek both financial return and measurable positive impact on the planet, our societies and vulnerable target groups. Investors and companies come together to create more than just maximised investor, shareholder or customer value. By running, investing in and buying from businesses that have solving societal issues at their core, a new economy is emerging: The impact economy.

What is an impact startup?

An impact startup is a recently found company whose business is to solve a major societal problem. Impact startups do what they do because they want to create measurable positive change and building a good and profitable business while doing so. These companies reduce the needs for fossil fuels, replace plastic, improve people's health, help children succeed in school, reduce poverty, make neighbourhoods safer, provide clean drinking water at an affordable price or revolutionise the industry of battery making.

Why an accelerator for impact startups?

The startup scene has produced some of the most ground breaking companies of our time. Our global unicorns, companies that changed how we live and work forever, were able to reach those goals in part thanks to a well developed support system including knowledge, network and capital. Impact startups need more specific support. And so do impact investors. They do not only need business development, financial know how, leadership skills and good scaling strategies. They need to know how to model their impact, build a business model with that impact at its core, manage, steer and report on impact and attract investors who might at this stage have limited knowledge of the specific opportunities and risks involved with impact startups. We provide that support.

We help the impact economy grow.

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By running, investing in and buying from businesses that have solving societal issues at their core, a new economy is emerging: The impact economy.