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Does your startup create a better future for people? 

The Impact StartUp accelerator matches the most forward thinking startups with top experts on social impact-driven business. We now launch our first Nordic accelerator: "Social Impact Accelerator" for startups with international ambitions, starting autumn of 2022. Apply now.

Where: digital
When: fall 2022

In our six months cost free program, you get:

  • coaching on impact business models
  • impact measurement and management strategies
  • strategies on collaboration with public sector
  • valuable expertise on social impact investing
  • strategies for scaling your social impact startup 
  • cross Nordic expertise, network and inspiration

YOU have established a company that seeks to solve one of the complex challenges below: 

  • Exclusion: Improving life chances for people with or at risk for i.e., unemployment, homelessness, criminality, substance abuse, discrimation or inequality.
  • Mental health: Improving life chances and well-being for people with neuropsychiatric diagnosis, depression and anxiety, eating disorders or norm breaking behavior?
  • Public health: Improving health outcomes and life chances for people with or at risk for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, dental health or being victims of crime?
  • Handicap & rehab: Improving health outcomes and life chances for people living with or recovering from physical disabilities (inherited or acquired), severe and disabling disease (i.e.,cancer survivors) or PTSD/trauma?
  • Education: Improving life chances through education for children with NPF or learning disabilities, children with social challenges, young people at risk for school failure or exclusion or adults in need for re schooling or language training
  • Dignified aging: Improving mental and physical health outcomes for the elderly, targeting depression, anxiety, loneliness, physical activity, safety, dignity and accidents. 
Application deadline:
  • Denmark: August 1st
  • Sweden: August 1st
  • Norway: The application deadline is over

For more information, please contact the national accelerator partner in your country.