We invite public sector to join our public procurement lab webinar!

Impact StartUp Nordic welcomes you to join our Public Procurement Lab’s Nordic webinar on 10thof November, 08.30-11.30!

We believe that impact startups have innovative solutions to some of the welfare challenges we face - challenges both in the local municipalities and in the Nordic region in general. New welfare solutions require cooperation between entrepreneurs and the public sector. And it requires knowledge sharing across municipal and national boundaries. Therefore, we invite you into the strongest impact startup ecosystem in the Nordics.

Impact driven public procurement – work inclusion in the spotlight

What are outcome-based public procurements and social impact bonds (SIB)? How can social enterprises and impact startups help in solving welfare issues? Are there success stories of outcome-based public procurement from the Nordics? How could we boost work inclusion with new innovative ways via public procurement?

In our webinar we will answer these questions and share some great case examples fromFinland, Norway and Denmark. We will have some of the best experts of impact investing joining us.

Nordic forum of ​p​ublic procurers

The webinar also serves as a great opportunity to discuss, share experiences and get connected with public sector managers and procurers from other Nordic countries. All theNordic countries face more or less similar social challenges and work inclusion and employment rate definitely is one in common. Let’s share knowledge and learn from each other!

The webinar is free of charge and takes place in Zoom the 10​ of November 2020.

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Welcome! More information coming up in October.