Impact startup work

In the autumn of 2020, Impact StartUp launched a joint Nordic accelerator program. The theme is work inclusion and the goal is to integrate vulnerable people on the labor market. Many people experience difficulties in gaining access due to, for example cultural and socio-economic background, disability, reduced ability to work, or chronic illness.

Ensuring equal opportunities in the labor market is more important than ever. Those who did not get entry before Covid-19 now face even tougher competition when applying for a job. Many companies are struggling and there are fewer jobs to apply for. That everyone has access to the labor market is fundamental to the Nordic welfare model and our democracy.

Social entrepreneurs create new solutions

Impact Startup knows that social entrepreneurs play an important role in the development of society. The companies are emerging as a result of identifying a social or environmental need and creating a solution. In line with this, social entrepreneurs measure their success primarily on the basis of the positive social effect they are able to create, in contrast to traditional businesses that focus on their economic bottom line.

“There are entrepreneurs with new ways of lowering barriers for those at risk of long-term unemployment. By supporting and strengthening them and their solutions, we will contribute to changing the labor market after Covid-19. ”

Together we create the new normal

Everyone is now wondering: What will be the "new normal"? We at Impact Startup want to actively help shape the future.

We do this because we know that a diverse workforce contributes to smarter companies, more empowered people, a more robust welfare state and a stronger democracy.